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PICKLEBALL! The Curious History of Pickleball

From Its Origins as Picklepong, 1959-1963

The Invention of the Invention of Pickleball, Now Revealed!

There is more to the story of how Pickleball began and got its name. Told by someone who was there to witness the earliest iterations of this now well-loved sport.

Readers will laugh out loud as they learn about the characters who practiced getting pickled both on and off the courts, flavored with references to some of Washington State’s cultural and historic highlights.

In addition, the book also features traditional food and drink recipes, to serve up the Perfect Pickleball Party in an authentic style of olde!

Find out what being “pickled” is all about! For anyone who is curious to know …

A GREAT GIFT for every Pickleballer’s collection, this book is sure to become a classi