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Patrick W. Smith, born and raised in Washington State, now resides in Guilford, Connecticut and Frye Island, Maine.  He is known by family and friends as a person who is a deep thinker with a great deal to share.  His clever wit and ability to build stuff is inherited by his two (now in their 20s) daughters, Lucy, and Jody, both powerful women in the world.  Patrick is a virtuoso percussionist and musician who’s over fifty-year playing career covers much territory, from playing with the Rolling Stones and Aretha Franklin to tympanist with Seattle Symphony, from Orchestra New England to New York’s Broadway Theaters.

As quite an effective mentor to students for over twenty-five years at Cooperative Arts High School in New Haven, Connecticut, Patrick is a Grammy-award winning music teacher.  With his black belt rank in Kenpo, Bagua, and Chinese Martial Arts.

 Patrick is a devoted student of the martial arts; he offers classes throughout New England and online.

When Patrick recalled his childhood memories witnessing his family playing this new game, it was clear he had a story to share.  It is incredible and a bit surreal to consider that his bloodlines connect to the beginnings of a sport that now takes on such a life of its own.  To say it has worldwide popularity does not express how much the game means to so many peoples’ lives.  Little did the Bechtels, Bells, Prichards, Evans, and the rest of the gang ever fathom that this would one day evolve into the “fastest growing sport” in the United Sates and beyond!

Patrick rediscovered pickleball on the courts with his wife Melinda who is a Certified Coach with IPTPA and passionate about the game.  Melinda designs Carpe Dink’em Pickleball Vacation Adventures and All Travel With Heart ~ that’s what sets us apart ~ Experiences; she intends to allow the aspect of creating “community” through pickleball to serve as a vehicle for change, creating opportunities for people to build connections and friendships throughout the world. Patrick and Melinda are both Level One Certified practitioners of Kingian Nonviolence Reconciliation, bringing forth nonviolence as a way of life and spirit.  

This story relates to part of Patrick’s early childhood that had its challenges, not detailed in this story, that took place in Patrick’s early life in relation to this side of his family.  While those relatives are long gone, perhaps this evolution of pickleball and Patrick’s bringing this book forth serves as a way find some peace, a new connection, and maybe even a path to forgiveness. 

We hope you enjoy reading this book and will include it as part of a now known aspect of the history of this game.  It was crafted with much care, some sweat and even some tears.

With heart and much gratitude,

Patrick and Melinda