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Pickleball is an amazing sport that is accessible and now enjoyed by people of all ages. There is a fun element to the game, along with skill, hand-eye coordination, and some pizzazz! From “dinking” to slamming a pickleball down the court’s midline during doubles play, there is satisfaction in this activity, as well as great delight.  Many who start to play tend to become “addicted”!  

Why so popular and well-loved? Does it bring adults back to a sense of childlike playfulness? With all the stressors and challenges of life, Pickleball is a way to relax and release. It is a social sport. People laugh, joke, and try not take themselves or one another too seriously on the courts.  Of course, there are now professional teams and high levels of play, should one choose that path. 

I see enormous potential for Pickleball to bring people together, build bridges, and break down barriers. It is a game where humans operate within Pickleball etiquette: friendliness. People will rotate in, constantly changing up the “teams” of two, so that at once a person may play against someone, then becomes a doubles partner for the next game. It is a sport that lends itself to building friendships, on and off the court. 

My niche as a (new) travel advisor now focuses on all things to do with Pickleball.  I started Carpe Dink’em Pickleball Vacation Adventures (PbVA), exciting Pickleball-focused vacations!  I also help arrange other types of pickleball-related travel opportunities for friends, couples, and multi-generational families to enjoy being together and playing in destinations throughout the world! 

My vision for this endeavor is ultimately to allow travel and Pickleball to be vehicles toward creating the peaceful community. 

Travel is a way to see the world, learn, have new experiences.  Pickleball is a sport that people “play” together! Combining both elements marries “play” with seeing the world with a new perspective, forming greater trust and understanding between people. 

All Carpe Dink’em group vacations are “Pickleball for a Cause” events as I believe in the power of Pickleball as a force for good in the world! The January 2024 Care Dink’em group (a.k.a. Punta Cana Picklers) at Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic will have a “giving exchange” with a local school in the area, Calasanz Bavaro School.  The  March 2024 Sisterhood of Pickleball trip takes place at Club Med Turkoise in the Turks and Caicos;  its beneficiary is Girls On A Mission. Each of these trips also donates to Doctors Without Borders as a beneficiary.

Please contact me to find out more about Carpe Dink’em Pickleball Vacation Adventures or with any other Pickleball or travel-related thoughts/ideas or questions!

Thank you, Happy Pickling all! 

Melinda Alcosser


[email protected]

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  1. An amazing and eye-opening experience. Going into it for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. Now having been there and done that, I see it as an adventure and opportunity that I am very thankful I did not miss! I’d do it again in a heartbeat!